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Learning a foreign language is a long-distance race, so it is essential for each student to start from the right level. 
Among our courses, we do not only offer Cambridge Exam Preparation courses, but also "a la carte" courses and our personalized remedial classes and study skill courses for reduced groups.
In summer, we offer intensive courses with the aim of getting a Cambridge certificate and our Summer Camp for the little ones.

Our courses

“The Secret to Getting Ahead, is Getting Started”

-Mark Twain..-

  • This class has as main goal the principal motto of our academy; learning the language in a natural way with fun as a starting point. This lessons through music and games deep the babies into a world of fun 100% in English, being complementary with their cognitive, psychomotor and social-affective development.

the jungle en talk talk
  • This is the first and most effective stage for children to introduce the English language in their daily routine. From 3 to 6, before starting primary school, our Parrots, Monkeys and Elephants learn to recognise and use basic English vocabulary by playing games, learning children's rhymes, ditties and songs.

  • At Talk Talk Academy these courses are directed at secondary school children and adults who have never studied English before, working all the language skills together.  It may be a little hard to begin with but once the students realize they are starting to grasp things this gives them the impetus to want to improve and continue developing their language skills.

cambridge exam en talk talk academy
intentalo en talk talk
  • This exam corresponds to level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference.  With this level of language proficiency, learners should be able to:

    Understand the main points of clear standard input and produce simple connected text on familiar matters regularly encountered at work, school, leisure as well as topics that are familiar or of personal interest, etc.

  • At Talk Talk Academy these courses are directed towards adolescents and adults, with an advanced knowledge of the English language, working all the skills together.


  • The PROFICIENT USER certificates are recognised by most universities and colleges in both Great Britain and other English-speaking countries as proof of having reached a sufficient level of English to access higher education courses. Both the CAE and CPE are also recognized by companies worldwide.

  • Our ONE to ONE classes are focussed towards those students who want to learn English independently, with hourly tutelage with one of our teachers, always at prearranged times either at our centre or at the home address.


  • The classes are "a la carte" thereby the teacher will be working directly on the subject or area the student feels he/she needs to focus on.

  • In Talk Talk Academy, we also want to offer our help to those students, who for different reasons, need some support with this school lesson.



  • Our intensive courses give the students the opportunity to get a PET or FIRST certificate in a short period of time. Normally, these courses take place during summer months but do not heistate to contact us to ask for more dates. 

Actividad al aire libre para niños
  • Suring the Summer time is the ideal moment for the little ones to spend their free time practicing the knowledge learnt during the school year, and what better than a week using English just a few kilometers from home.

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