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“If La Mancha does not get to Cambridge, Cambridge gets to La Mancha”

-Talk Talk Academy-

Why Cambridge English?


Over 3 million people take the Cambridge English Language Assessment Exams every year.  At Talk Talk Academy we offer everyone in the region of Tarancón the opportunity to learn English and go on to obtain the corresponding exam certificates, renowned worldwide for their quality and prestige.  All our exams are recognised by both academic institutions and the business world as a guarantee of job candidates meeting the corresponding level of English language skills demanded for the post.

Six reasons to choose

Cambridge English.


1. You can develop your English linguistic skills for real life situations.

  • Cambridge English exams are designed to assess the way candidates use their English skills in real life situations.

2. They have different exams for each level.

  • Their exams correspond the differente levels of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages -the international standars which define the linguistic skills.

3. Cambridge certificates are accepted all over the world at work, university and immigration.

  • 20000 universities, companies and governmental organizations accept Cambridge English exams.

4. It is international and available all over the world.

  • Candidates have the possibility to choose when, where and how to take the exam.

Most of are exams are paper based and computer based.
5. It is secure, reliable and impartial.

  • Cambridge English exams are designed to guarantee candidates complete impartiality, no matter their age, gender, nationality, first language or ethnic group.

  • All the examination centres follow strict quality and security requirements and are inspected periodically.

6. They have the support of a high standing research 

  • The exams are backed up by an exhaustive research carried out by one of the biggest teams aimed at linguistic study.

Steps to obtain The Cambridge Certificate


Registration, taking the exams and delivery of the results are all handled directly by our Official Exam Centres, but at Talk Talk Academy, an Official Preparation Centre, we offer everyone in the region of Tarancón the opportunity to prepare and take the exam at our Talk Talk Academy centre, thanks to our collaboration with the Monkey Business Official Examination Centre in Albacete.

When can i take the exam?


Cambridge English Language Assessment offers various dates throughout the year in which to take the exam, although it is the Official Examination Centres themselves who make the final decision as to which exams will be held and when.

Two or three exams are held yearly at our Talk Talk Academy in Tarancón (Cuenca). However, our help and experience are always available to you should you need to take an exam which is not being held at our centre.

You do not have to be registered in any of our English courses nor be attached to any academic centre in order to take any of these exams; you can just register to take the exam for free.

How can I prepare myself and how do I know which exam corresponds to my level of english?


Check the our Courses section to find which one you feel corresponds best to your profile or, you can always come and visit us and we will advise you, under no obligation. 
However, we have a quick and free online English test to help learners find their entry level and decide which exam is the  most suitable for them:


The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) carries out a fundamental role in linguistic and educational policies, not only in Europe, but worldwide.  It is becoming increasingly important for assessors of language skills and examining organizations since the CEFR collaborates in defining proficiency levels and in the interpretation of the different language qualifications. 

The CEFR uses a grading scale for linguistic ability starting with A1 for beginners and going up to C2 for those who now dominate a language.

Do the exams expire?


None of our certificates expire. However, it will always depend on the entity concerned as to whether or not it will accept certificates that are a number of years old.

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