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                    Visit us at nº 1 Sauce Street, Tarancón

                        969 320  129 -   626 087 480

Talk Talk Academy came into being in April 2013 with the aim of training students from a new and different perspective and to introduce them to the English language and British culture, but the project began months before thanks to the dreams of some mothers who want to make our region of Tarancón a place offering more learning opportunities.


Our key motivation and goal is to pass on our knowledge of the English language in a comprehensive manner and with clearly defined objectives; thus achieving the highest possible results adapted to the needs of each of our students.


We reiterate to both parents and students that this challenge is like a long-distance race, you have to work hard and work every day, with our help the goal will always be closer but your aim should always be to acquire knowledge and both personal and, eventually, professional enrichment.


About us



-Talk Talk Academy-

  • Isabel Córdoba - PRESCHOOL and One to one teacher.

  • Alba Hernández - YLE, KET, PET, FCE and CAE teacher.

  • Lydia Morales - YLE, KET, PET, and FCE teacher.

  • Tamara Palencia - YLE, KET, PET, English support lessons and One to one teacher.

  • Gema Palomar – Administration Manager.

  • Ainhoa Platas – Education Manager.

  • Belén Valencia - YLE, KET PET and support teacher.

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