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Talk Talk Academy, your English academy in Tarancón ( Cuenca )

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"The Jungle", our
preschool class

This exam corresponds to level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference.

With this level of language proficiency, learners should be able to:


  • Understand the main points of clear standard input and produce simple connected text on familiar matters regularly encountered at work, school, leisure as well as topics that are familiar or of personal interest, etc.


  • Deal with communications in most of the situations likely to arise while travelling.


  • Express themselves in a simple and coherent fashion on common subjects and personal interests. They should be able to describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.


private and business customers

Our ONE to ONE classes are focused towards private and business customers, who want to learn English independently, with hourly tutelage with one of our teachers, always prearranged times either at our centre or at the home address of the customer. The lessons are “a la carte” thereby the teacher will be working on the area where the student/s feel the need to focus on.


Cambridge English?


Lunes a Jueves

16:00 - 20:30 h.


16:00 -19:00 h.

There are three exam levels: Starters, Movers & Flyers.  Each level is made up of three parts; reading and writing, listening and speaking. Each child receives a certificate verifying their level with a distinctive number of marks.

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