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At Talk Talk Academy, we think that the best way to learn English is making it a daily use and

fun. Singing, playing and doing everyday activities we learn during winter, but this summer

we have got a new challenge; have great fun learning English while doing recycling and

experiment games. We will work on new concepts, but, above all, we will bring into play

everything that the little ones learn in our Summer Lab in a fun way.






LAST WEEK OF JUNE: We will begin summer relaxing with several fun activities in the park and also starting the necessary research and recycling for our amazing experiments.




JULY: During this month, we will handle different materials and learn to recycle and get benifit from all our resources. From Monday to Thursday, we will work part of the morning with the summer books, so we don´t forget what we have learnt at school, and the other part of the

morning, after a break and outdoor activity, we will work in the Lab with our creations. On Fridays, we know that early rises are hard, so we will only do playing activities which will be a “surprise” for all.




AUGUST: This month we will continue with our research, experiments and recycling work. As in July, the activities will be more academic to end up with our Friday “surprise”.




Opening hours from 9:00 h to 14:00h. Classes from 10:00 a 13:30h.



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